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Related article: Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 07:49:06 -0700From: Pete in Los Angeles Subject: dorm-domination-13Dorm DominationChapter 13Initiation, part 2by SailboyLAhotmail.comDisclaimers:* Don't read this if it's illegal to read this where you live.* This is a story about men having (raunchy, cumeating, ass rimming, andvery satisfying) sex. If you Topless Lolita don't want to read this, go elsewhere.* The characters aren't Topless Lolita having safe sex because this is fantasy. Please usecondoms when you have sex in the real world.* Post this story freely and widely, but please include my email credit ifyou do.* * * * *From Chapter 12:Tom looked pleased, a smile forming on the corners of his mouth. "Very wellthen," he said. "Your initiation will begin tonight. Rico was the first tobe tested, and his shall be your first test. Get some rest today; you willneed it." As he walked up the stairs (his ass sculpted perfection), Irealized I hadn't been breathing while he had been in the room. The worldseemed normal again."Let's get down to the basement," Mike said, leading me away. "You can sleepthere.""Mike, thank you," I said. "Can I ask what Rico's test was?""I can't tell you directly," Mike said, "But I can tell you that Rico has avery small bladder. He pees every 10 minutes."As my new pledgemates and I walked down to the basement of what would be myfraternity, my mind raced trying to think what punishment a house full ofcollege men would think of for a guy with a small bladder.* * * * *Chapter 13 -- Initiation, part 2I was woken up by a hard cock slapping my face. I knew that feeling wellafter having Mike slap me around with his dick. He (whoever he was) slappedme hard across the cheek, and said, "Rise and shine, butthole. It's time tobe initiated." I recognized the voice (Carlos), and I grinned.I couldn't open my eyes at first, and I heard the Topless Lolita laughter of nine pledges.There was something stuck to my face keeping my eye lids closed. As I movedother muscles on my face, I realize what it was: cum. One or more of thepledges had cum on my face while I slept on the basement couch. I licked mylips and tasted the flakes of dried cum, which sent the pledges intoanother bout of laughter, and calls of, "He's such a whore!" and "Fuckercan't get enough cum in him." I was becoming part of the group. It wasshaping up that my distinguishing characteristic would be my insatiableappetite for Topless Lolita cock and cum.I finally got my eyes open, and saw Mike standing there, that milliondollar smirk on his handsome face. "You've had quite a day already," hesaid. "You sure you're ready for more?" I nodded my head, yes."Put this on," Topless Lolita he said, handing me a black jock strap. I looked at the bandand it had the Greek letters for ATO on it. "Nothing else. Meet usupstairs. You might want to take a leak first. This could be a long nightfor you."When I went back out into the basement room after taking a piss, everythingwas dark. The only light I could see was coming from the stairway. Candleslit each stair up, and the house had become eerily quiet. I became theascent up the stairs.At the top of the stairs, I saw no one. The first floor of the house wasdeserted. From the second floor, I heard Mike's voice shout down, "Uphere," and then everything was again quiet. I checked my hands and theywere shaking. I did not want to let Mike down, or my new pledge brothers.A trail of candles led me from the top of the stairs around a bend and intothe bathroom. Still no sound. The candles led Topless Lolita me through the sink area andthen, as I turned the corner into the shower area, I saw them, mybrothers-to-be. The actives were dressed in black robes with hoods coveringtheir heads so I couldn't tell who was who. The pledges stood at attention,wearing only jockstraps identical to mine. Seeing that -- my futurebrothers dressed exactly like me -- sent a surge of pride through me. Iwould succeed."Pledge Rico," a voice boomed. Topless Lolita I recognized it as Kirk's. "How were youfound to be lacking as a man?""Pledgemaster, Sir," Rico shouted. Topless Lolita "I was found to have a small bladder,Sir. I peed more than any other pledge or active in the distinguishedhistory of this fraternity, Sir.""That's right," Kirk said. "Your bladder was fucking pathetic, the size ofa fucking peanut. For every beer, you pissed three times. Pledges, prepareour newest pledge for the same ordeal which Rico was put through.""Yes, Pledgemaster, Sir!," nine voices boomed in unison. There was a flurryof activity, and four pledges Topless Lolita rushed forward, each grabbing one of mylimbs. They carried me to the center of the communal shower -- a huge areawith at least 20 showerheads around the walls -- and put me onto thefloor. I shivered as my bare skin made contact with the cold tiles."Pledge Rico," another voice said. I recognized it as Tom's. "You survivedthis ordeal. You may therefore assume the honor of beginning it withPledge Alex." I saw Rico smile with pride and he walked over to me.Rico stood over me -- a monument to manhood -- and rubbed the front of hisbulging jock for a minute. Quietly, so that only I could hear, he said, "Ihope you enjoy this as much as I did." He dragged his cock out of his jockand held it in his hand for a moment. I had time to think -- That'sodd. I've never seen him soft before -- and then I knew what was about tohappen. The stream of his piss struck my chest a second after I realizedwhat Rico was forced to endure, and what I was about to experience.His piss was warmer than I would have imagined, and the smell hit me next:potent, overwhelming, the unmistakable smell of urine that fills publicrestrooms and street corners where bums hang out. Only instead of the smellbeing a remote discomfort, the smell was inches away, shot directly out ofthe cock of this college jock above me. Rico's piss spattered against mychest and I felt spray hitting my face. Rico moved his cock, Topless Lolita and his streamran over my stomach and down onto the jock I was wearing. I couldn'tbelieve how warm it was, and I had a sudden urge to piss myself. I resistedthe urge, thinking it must somehow be wrong.After a few seconds of Rico pissing on my body, a couple of the activeswalked forward and took positions around my body and the pledges holding medown. (These pledges were getting enough of a splash effect that they musthave gotten almost as much piss on them as I did.) The actives parted theirrobes -- their cocks sticking out from the material like disembodied parts-- and they began pissing on me, as well. There were four guys pissing onmy body, all at once.Mike had paraded me around naked, had his teammates gang-bang my ass, andhad given me over to his frat brothers. Nothing in those experiences wasanywhere close to how humiliating, how degrading, this experience was. Iwas being pissed on by a group of men. Instead of their sex toy, I wastheir urinal, their object of ridicule, their toilet. Above me, theysnickered and made comments like, "Been saving this recycled beer for youall night," and "Look! His hairs getting all wet with my piss. Did anyonebring shampoo?" Someone even went to the janitor's closet and got the blueurinal hockey puck and stuck it in the waistband of my jockstrap. Thisbecame the area where most of the men aimed their piss. And through thisdegrading, dehumanizing process, my cock stayed rock hard. I never thoughtI would like it this much.The guys lined up and took turns pissing on me. All four lines had waits,so that there was never Topless Lolita a time when I didn't have at least one guy's pissrunning down my body, reeking. Some guys were even going to an adjacentroom and drinking more beer and came back to piss on me a second time. Theguys holding my body were relieved by other pledges, and they, too, gottheir turn to piss on me. They were even more pissed at me (no punintended) because they had to hold me while the other brothers' piss hadsplattered them. They aimed for my face mainly, and I squeezed my eyes andmouth closed to prevent piss from getting in them.Piss flowed continuously down my body for at least half Topless Lolita an hour, a steadystream of warm, smelly man waste. Eventually, the last stream stopped, andI thought I was done. Tom's voice broke the silence. "I need two morepledges," he said. "You know what to do."Two of my pledgemates knelt by my head. One grabbed the top of my head andthe other forced my jaw down. "The urine of the president of the fraternityis used to make you stronger," Tom said. "And to unify your class. All ofyour pledgemates have sipped of my piss. You will drink it directly fromthe source."The spray hit me first in the nose and sprayed up inside, causing my nasalpassages to burn. Tom's urine smelled different -- more sweet, maybe, orless pungent. He adjusted the flow so that it hit me in the mouth. Thetaste was overwhelming and earthy and metallic on my tongue. I had nevertasted anything like it. My mouth was quickly filling, and by almostinstinct, I swallowed. He was pissing so much so quickly that I had to keepswallowing continuously for close to a minute. When he was done, the tasteleft over was like I had swallowed a jar full of pennies."You have done well, new one," Tom said. "Clean him up, and bring him tothe balcony for his next ordeal." The strong hands of the pledges lifted meand guided me to a running shower head.I didn't realize how exhausted the pissing had made me until I tried tostand Topless Lolita up and nearly fell over. The strong hands of my pledge brotherssupported me and washed me. I had already learned humility and the need forsupport from others in this first ordeal, and I had eight others toendure. It would be a night of great learning, and great sacrifice.I followed a row of robed brothers and jock-strapped pledges through theupper floor of the house until we came to the balcony. We walked out andcould see over the row of fraternity houses and part of the campus. Thepeople walking on the sidewalk noticed this congregation and looked up,pointing at the row of pledges in jock straps, myself included. All four ofmy cheeks burned red from embarrassment.The actives formed a semi-circle with us pledges in the center. Kirkstepped forward and began speaking."Pledge Carl," Kirk said. "How were you found to be lacking as a man?""Pledgemaster, Sir," Carl shouted. "I was found to be the laziest pledge,Sir. I was the last to volunteer for anything, and I sat on my ass whileothers did work.""You lazy fuck," Kirk said. "You watched as your pledges scrubbed theentire house from top to bottom. You were found lacking. Pledges, preparethe new worm for the same ordeal which Carl faced."Mike and Zak were standing on either side of me and each took an arm. Theymanhandled me until my arms were pinned on the balcony's railing and my asswas pushed out towards Kirk and the other actives. I could feel a breezeblow across my exposed hole, and my vulnerability Topless Lolita was very clear to me atthat moment.I heard Kirk say, "Pledge Carl, since you endured the ordeal, you willbegin this pledge's." I felt a shuffling of feet, and then heard Carl say,"Sorry Topless Lolita for this."My ass cheeks were on fire. That's what I felt. I yelled out in pain, and agroup of guys down on the sidewalk yelled up, "Pussy!" It took my brain asecond to realize that I had just been paddled by Carl.The moment of sheer intensity was replaced by a dull, throbbing pulsing inmy ass cheeks, and they felt more alive than ever before. I felt the bloodrushing to them, and my ass must have been blushing even more furiously nowthan my face had been moments Topless Lolita before."Each of the brothers will paddle you with the official fraternity paddle,"Kirk said to me, leaning down and whispering in my ear. "This taught Carlnot to sit on his ass quite so much. I don't think you'll have the sameproblem after tonight."The next swat was almost worse than the first because this time I knew whatto expect. I heard a slight whistle as the board swung through the air,propelled by the arm of a jock stud who worked out at least four times aweek. The second swat, given by an active I didn't recognize, was fullforce, and stronger than Carl's had been. He swatted my left ass cheek morethan my right, and this time I was able to hold in Topless Lolita the cry of pain. Tearswelled up in my eyes."Say it," I heard Kirk say."Say what, Sir?," I asked."I think you know, shithead."I racked my brain. What was I supposed to say? My mind jumped back to ascene from "Animal House" of all things, to the scene where the assholejocks are paddling each other. Why was I thinking of that scene right now?Fuck! What was I supposed to say? In the scene, they paddle the new pledge,who says . . ."Thank you, Sir! May I have another?" I yelled. The group of guys Topless Lolita on thesidewalk below had grown now, and they started laughing even harder as Ishouted. "Faggot!" one guy yelled."Very good, shit for brains," Kirk said. "You might get into thisfraternity yet."I felt something touch my burning ass and instinctively flinched. But itwas someone's hand, not the paddle -- someone's hand which was soothing andcaressing the flesh which had just been pummeled. I looked over my shoulderand Tom was there, his hand touching my Topless Lolita butt."It's a shame that we have to treat you so roughly," he said. "Butsometimes, a boy needs to be disciplined. `Spare the rod, and spoil thechild,' right?""Sir, yes, Sir!," I shouted."You don't seem to mind too much," he continued, and his hand ran down thecrack of my exposed ass and past my balls. His touch sent shivers from mytailbone directly up through my spine and into my head. He grabbed my cockthrough my jock strap, and it was only then that I realized I had been hardthe entire time. His touch sent me over the edge, and I started cumminginto my jock and his hand.The orgasm -- caused by this god like man -- was one of the most intense ofmy life. I shot once, twice, and then the next swat landed on my ass. Thepaddle connected while I was shooting my third time, and Topless Lolita I came so hard Iworried that I had hurt something inside my dick. I groaned again, shoutingin pleasure/pain as the paddle landed on my ass as I came. Mike and Zakhad to press harder down to keep my arms from moving. My body felt soconflicted that I thought Topless Lolita I might cum, cry, and die all in the same moment.I suddenly realized exactly what ecstasy was -- the sensation of bliss andanguish which transcends time and comes close to god. And I wasexperiencing this at the hands of this man, this archetype of masculinity.Tom removed his hand and stepped back. I felt empty and completesimultaneously. "Be strong," Tom said to me as the next brother stood tostrike me. I knew that I could be strong with these men.The next blows passed by in a blur. My mind still reeled from Tom's touch,and the orgasm I had experienced. After each brother took a turn at my ass,I said, "Thank you, Sir! May I have another?" My ass burned more and morewith each swat, yet my dick still hadn't gone down, and I was growing toappreciate the heat which smoldered in my ass cheeks between paddles. Aftera few more paddles, I wiggled my ass at the crowd, and the brotherssnickered.The actives had all taken a turn at my ass, and now it was time for therest of the pledges. Coleman stepped up, and he could see the redness inmy ass. He took a swat at my ass which stung, but even I could tell it waspathetic. Kirk shouted, "Give him a real fucking swat or else it's yourturn to join him up there." Coleman's next swat came in second only toTom's as the hardest one all day. Tears again streamed down my face. Theywere tears of pain, and of catharsis.Zak was up next, and he had two other pledges come over to helphim. "Spread his cheeks," Zak said to the pledges. "I've got a surprise forhim." My cheeks were spread and I felt Zak run his finger up and down myrudely exposed crack.Zak brought the paddle down, hard, on the inside of my ass crack -- thatfleshy part that is more sensitive than the cheeks. I nearly pushed downthe railing I was being held against from the sheer intensity of thefeeling. The pain rushed through me, and I screamed."Payback -- it's a bitch, isn't it?," Zak said to me. I replied back theonly way I could: "Thank you, Sir! May I have another?" Zak chuckled andflicked my exposed asshole with his finger. "Don't you wish," he said.The last pledge to Topless Lolita paddle me was Mike. Like Tom, he rubbed his hand over myasscheeks, soothing them and causing little lightning bolts to rush throughme at the same time. "Your ass is hot, whore," he said. "I could cook anegg on your faggoty ass." The actives laughed with Mike. I looked over myshoulder at this man who had brought me here as he brought the paddle downin a wide arc. Seeing the paddle coming, I braced for the impact which wasexactly the wrong thing to do. The paddle connected as my muscles clenched,and I was pushed forward into the railing hard, bruising my shoulder."Thank you, Sir!," I said, with tears in my eyes and a sense of pride andstrength I got from performing well for Mike. "May I have another?" Hesmirked that sexy smirk of his and said, "You know you will, slut. I knowyou can't get enough."Paddling had given me strength and a sense of ecstasy I had neverexperienced before. I felt cleansed by this trial, and I had connected witheach man who had struck me. I was becoming closer to these men, almost oneof them now. I was exhausted, yet wanted to continue, to get closer tobrotherhood."The pledge has passed the ordeal," Kirk said. "His ass must be sore. Takehim to the kitchen, and we will help him sooth his ass."I leaned on Mike and Coleman as they led me in a procession down thestairs. My legs were shaking. They led me through a big dining area andback through swinging doors into the kitchen. It was an industrial sizedkitchen, something that you'd see in the back of a small restaurant: big,industrial sized metal sinks and tables, multiple huge ovens, a grill, anda walk-in freezer.Some of the actives were pushing a table off to one side, leaving a largeopen space in the middle of the kitchen. Kirk had gone into the walk-infreezer, and was backing up, dragging something which I couldn't see. Heleft it in the now-open space, and turned to face me. "Sit," he commanded,and pointed to the object: a large block of ice.I sat down slowly on the ice block. The first contact was jolting,electrifying on my ass. After a couple of seconds, my ass felt soothed,and I groaned in appreciation for letting me sit on the ice."Pledge Zak," Kirk said. "How were you found to be lacking as a man?""Pledgemaster, Sir," Zak shouted. "I get cold very easily, Sir. My nipplesget hard when it's cold, and the other pledges used to call me a pussy forgetting cold when they thought it was warm outside.""You were worse than my fucking grandmother, you cunt," Kirk said. "Youwould be cold standing in the desert in the middle of summer. You werefound lacking, and you faced an ordeal. You will be the first of thebrothers to help bring our newest pussyboy into the fold."Zak whipped his cock out from his jockstrap, and he was already hard. Hebegan jerking his cock, and I noticed a couple of actives take Topless Lolita their handsand put them down into their robes, which then started pumping up anddown. These guys were jerking off, but I didn't know what the ordeal wasthat I was about to endure."Pledge Alex," Kirk continued. "You will endure the same punishment asPledge Zak endured. You are to sit on the block of ice -- a symbol of thecoldness in the world -- until you are warmed by the presence of every oneof your future brothers. You are not to move your ass off of that blockuntil we have all cum on your body."My ass was starting to feel a combination of numbness and tingling that wassoothing for the paddling I had just received, but also somewhat disturbing-- like when my leg had fallen asleep before. Already the soothing effectsof the ice were wearing off and being replaced Topless Lolita by a discomfort. I squirmedon the block of ice, the movement sending shooting intensity up through mybruised ass."Let's make this a little more interesting," Tom said. "Turn on all theovens and open the doors. The stove tops, too; let's get those going. Iwant to see this fucker sweat at the same time his ass is getting chilled."A couple of pledges scrambled to complete his orders, and I was justbeginning to understand this ordeal.By now, all of the actives and pledges were openly jacking their cocks. Zakstood directly beside me, his cock inches from my face. He jacked his cockrapidly with one hand and was pulling down on his balls with the other."I'm gonna shoot, fucker," he said, panting. "I'm gonna shoot all over yourfaggot body. Open your mouth, cocksucker!"His first shot hit me in the forehead, and I closed my eyes instinctively.The next spurt landed right on my tongue, and Topless Lolita I could taste Zak again, thatgreat tasting cum. His next spurts landed on my chin and chest and stomachand some on my hard cock. I felt the forehead shot slide down my nose and Istuck my tongue out to make sure I caught it.Zak leaned down and wiped his cum-smeared hand over my chest, leaving atrail of slime. He stared me in the eye Topless Lolita as he leaned down, his face comingwithin an inch of mine. I thought he might slap me. Instead, his tonguesnaked out and licked along the path his cum had left, lapping it up."In case you missed the point, you stupid fag," he said to me. "OurBrothers can keep us warm when it's cold. They feed if we're hungry. We'rehere for each other in every way." I nodded, and mumbled, "I think I gotit." My cock was hard and still dripping with the cum he had shot on me.One of the actives was pumping his cock faster than the others. (Later, Ifound out his nickname was "Speedy" from the way he jacked his cock sofast, and came so fast.) He parted his robe and shuffled forward, jackinghis cock the whole time. His cock was level with my nipple, and he brushedthe tip of his cock against my nipple, which had itself become erect thanksto the frigid Topless Lolita ice I was sitting on."Fuck, man," he said. "Nothing gets me hotter than you new pledges comingin, thinking you're all fucking tough, then getting put in yourplace. Fuck! I'm gonna. Fucking. Cum!" He started shooting -- thick,potent wads of cum which were so dense that they didn't fly very far. Hisfirst shots landed on my nipple and chest, and the rest dribbled down intomy crotch, pooling in my pubic hair and the base of my cock. I reached upand helped him squeeze the last Topless Lolita few drops out of his dick. When I stuck mytongue out to get the last dribbles, Kirk said, "No eating the cum,faggot!" I rubbed the cum from the tip of his dick onto my cheek, instead.As the next few guys came closer to me, each close to shooting their load,my thoughts were drawn to my cold ass instead of their cocks. The intensityof the pleasure/pain on my ass was increasing, and with every passingminute, I didn't think I could handle any more. I shifted my weight fromone cheek to the other for a minute, and then Kirk caught on to what I wasdoing. He had Zak stand behind me and hold my shoulders down tight,preventing me from moving my ass off the block. Simultaneously, I wascovered in cum, and I began to sweat. My forehead beaded up with sweat, asdid my arms and chest. I felt a trickle of sweat run down my side from myarmpit, tickling me as it made its slow path down my ribs, down my stomach,down my ass, to the ice block.The physical discomfort was becoming almost unbearable, yet I could havegotten up at any time. I wanted to belong to this group of men, thesebrothers, and I would have endured far more pain than this to become a partof this group. As the intensity increased, I thought of Mike and how much Iwanted to be close to him and to please him, and that is what got methrough.By the time that all of the actives and most of the pledges had cum, myentire torso -- from my shoulders down to my crotch, including my back --and most of my face was covered in manseed. Coleman had shot an especiallybig load, right on my face. I had to keep my lips closed and breathethrough my mouth at Kirk's command to prevent myself from eating any ofit. The smell of it was driving me crazy. I wanted to lap up every drop,and then use my hands to scoop up the rest which my mouth couldn't reach. Iwas these frat stud's cum dump, the place where they put their seed. Everytime a new splatter of cum hit my cock, it would throb and stay hard. Iwanted to jack my cock to feel what it would be like to have so much cum aslube.The last two men to step up to my cum covered body were Tom and Mike. Theyhad both been standing on the side lines, making other guys jack theirdicks (Mike had Carl jacking him, and Tom had Coleman). The block of icewas melted half way down, and my ass was on fire from the cold.Tom and his cockjacker came close, and Tom looked down at me, smirking. Hetook his finger and pointed directly at my forehead. His smirk became asmile as he ran his finger down my nose, over my lips, down the Topless Lolita cleft in mychin, over my adam's apple, down the cleft between my pecs, tickling downover my abs, stopping briefly in my belly button, then continuing down tomy pubic bush, and up my hard, dripping cock. His finger had nowaccumulated a large wad of cum, cum from all of my frat brothers, cum shotout of balls of 18 to 22 year old men, cum shot past the prostate andthrough the long cocks of these college jock studs. He had millions ofsperm swimming on his large finger. He looked at it intently, and broughtit to his face. He held his cum covered finger under his nose andinhaled. "Potent batch you got there," he said.He took his finger and brought it to my face. "Open," he said -- a commandif ever I heard one. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue."Do you know the importance of the gift you are to receive?," he asked. Inodded my head. "I don't know if you do, you cumsucker. You've gottenspoiled. On my finger, I hold the making of a million studs like our fratbrothers. This is their seed, the biological mark of who they are, theiressence. And they are giving that to you, you worthless ass eater. Theyhave given you a gift, and you shall always be thankful to your brothersfor this gift. It is not a gift given lightly. Do you understand now?" Inodded my head again, and said, "Yes, Sir. I understand, and am thankfulfor the gift I'm about to receive."He pressed his cum covered finger onto my tongue, and spread the remainingcum out over Topless Lolita the back of my tongue. My tastebuds exploded. It was likeMike's cum, only more condensed, more potent. No one man could have createdthis ambrosia. It had to have come from a group of men, from the balls ofmany. I closed my mouth, and kept the cum in my mouth, swirling it aroundand tasting it, savoring it for as long as I could.When Tom's finger touched my tongue, his cock exploded in Coleman's. Tom'scum hit my face and chest and stomach and cock and balls and legs. He cameeverywhere. He replaced more cum than he had taken on his finger. His cumalso flew past me and hit Mike's cock. The hot lube put Mike over theedge. He started cumming on my body, too. His cum hit me from behind, onmy ear and the back of my neck, and on my back. He aimed his last shots sothey landed very low on my back, close to my ass, and I felt it drip slowlydown into my crack, a place his cum knew all too well. I wondered if he hadtrained his sperm to swim for my hole."You are warmed by your brothers," Kirk said after everyone had steppedback into a half-circle around me. "And you have endured the harshness onyour ass. Pledges -- help him stand." Two other pledges came forward andheld my arms as I stood up.I had thought that the worst of the pain would be while I was sitting onthe ice, but I was wrong. As I stood up, the hot air in the room hit mycold ass and jolted me. Slowly and almost painfully, the blood started torush back to my battered ass cheeks, and the return was intense. I stumbledwhen I first stood, and Coleman had to help hold me up, trying not to gettoo much cum on his fingers."I know some of you also enjoy the taste of cum from time to time," Kirksaid. "And we have some grade A quality spunk on this bitch. Anyone whowants some, come and get it."Zak was the first one on me, getting on his knees and taking my cum soakedcock deep in his mouth. Carlos sucked on one nipple and cleaned the cumfrom my pec at the same time Coleman shrugged and dive onto my otherpec. Speedy started on my back, and Greg -- who I'd known only as an RAuntil a few hours ago -- got behind me and started to rim me, taking thecum along with him in his mouth.Mike came forward and lifted my chin with his finger. He looked me in theeye, leaned forward, and devoured my mouth with his lips, our eyes open thewhole time. Kissing me, he ate the cum from all around my mouth, includingon my nose and on my chin. He began to bite and nibble on my cum coveredneck. He brought his mouth back to mine and forced my teeth open with histongue. He tilted my head back a little bit, and then opened his mouth,letting the collected cum pour from his mouth into mine. He kissed me, andI groaned into his mouth, the flavor and action of his mouth on mine alongwith the cum of all of our brothers sending me over the edge. I came intoZak's mouth, at least six blasts coating his tonsils. He sucked like alamprey, vacuuming out as much cum from my cock as possible. Topless Lolita When he wasdone on my cock, he cleaned off my balls, and his tongue met Greg's at thespot between my balls and ass.The sensation of a dozen tongues and hands and fingers on my body forced mycock back to full hardness, in spite of the mind-numbing orgasm momentsbefore. Cum had dripped onto my arms and legs, so I ended up getting atongue bath on my entire body. I was giggling one minute as one guy lickedmy arm pit clean, and moaning the next as Greg's tongue pushed deep into myass.Kirk finally stopped the action. "The pledge is clean," he said. "And wehave much yet to do tonight." The guys all stood back, and I stood thereclean. If not for the pain in my ass and the aftertaste of the cum in mymouth, I Topless Lolita might have thought it was all a dream -- the hottest dream I'dever had."Pledge Jimmy," Kirk said. "How were you found to be lacking as a man?""Pledgemaster, Sir," Jimmy shouted. "I was found to be the skinniestpledge. No matter how much I worked out, I could not seem to put anymuscle on.""You were a skinny runt," Kirk said. "Before you came into the frat, youdidn't have any meat on your bones." I looked at Jimmy and wassurprised. He looked built now, his pecs sticking out far from his chest,his arms bulging with muscle, and his legs cut and defined."And what did we do to fatten you up, pledge?" Kirk asked."You fed me, Sir," Jimmy said. "You made me eat.""That's right, you wimpy cunt," Kirk said. "We made you into a man, insteadof a scrawny girl who happened to have a penis. Pledge Alex, sit Topless Lolita in thischair."I was put in a chair in the middle of the kitchen. I felt some of thepledges grab my arms and pull them back behind the chair, and thenrestraints were put on my wrists. My back arched out and my hands wereimmobilized behind me, soon to be followed by my legs, which were tied tothe legs of the chair."Get the stuff," Kirk said. The pledges scrambled around the kitchen on hiscommand. He took something from inside his robe and put it around myeyes. Through his blindfold, I could see nothing. "Let's start him off witha snack," Kirk said. "Open up, bitch."I opened my mouth wide and someone shoved at least twelve stale crackers inmy mouth. My mouth was so full I couldn't chew, and I started salivatingto try to soften up the crackers. I tried chewing, and my jaw could only gohalf way. I started breathing through my nose and gnawing on the crackersin my mouth, spitting crumbs everywhere. Slowly, I worked the crackersdown to about half of what had started there."Can't have crackers by themselves," Kirk said. "Gotta have something to goon top. How about a little peanut butter." Two brothers stood on eitherside of my head and pried my jaw open. Someone -- Kirk, probably -- put ahuge spoonful in my mouth, so much that it pushed my cheeks out. My mouthwas overloaded. I chewed on the baseball sized clump of peanut butter andthe rest of the crackers. The peanut butter kept sticking to my mouth, andthe crackers gummed it up so it was a big wad of sticky goop. My mouth wascompletely dry. All the spit I was generating was going directly to thepeanut butter ball in my mouth.Finally, the ball was small enough so that I could actually chew on it. Thebrothers were cheering me on, saying, "Eat it faggot!" Kirk saw I wasgetting to the final traces, and said, "Open your mouth, cunt, for theinspection." I finished the last swallow, my mouth completely dry, and Kirksaid, "Got milk?" The whole frat busted up laughing."Open," Kirk said, and confirmed that I had eaten everything. "Now yournext snack is something one of the brothers got from a motel. Let's see ifyou can guess which motel."Kirk had me open my mouth and he placed something on my tongue. It feltabout the size of a quarter. When I closed my mouth, I quickly realizedthat whatever I was eating had LEGS. It was a fucking dead cockroach, andthey had put it in my mouth. I gagged instinctively, and the two guysnearest me held my jaw to prevent me from spitting it out."That's right, you worthless bug," Kirk said. "It's a roach motel. Now biteinto it and swallow that fucker down."I crunched into the vile thing in my mouth and felt the hard case break,and then liquid squirt out the sides. I wretched, but didn't throw up. Ihad to take a few more bites to swallow it, and then finally managed to gagit down.It was only the next year, the year when Jeremy rushed ATO, that I foundout that it hadn't been a roach at all. It was some sort of sea weed/sushithing which looked exactly like a cockroach, and the frat got these everyyear. I had no way of knowing that then, and I was convinced that night andmany after that I had eaten a damned bug."Good job, you worthless fuck," Kirk said. "Now for something you're alittle more used to." They pulled a table over to where I was tied up and Ifelt it shake. Someone pushed my head forward, and I went, nose first,into someone's ass. It was a familiar smell, and I could tell it was one ofthe pledges, but I didn't know which one. I began to rim and eat his ass,thankful that this part seemed to be coming to a close."Now for the surprise," Kirk said. "Hold him, boys, and keep his faggotmouth open. He may not like this." The guys held my head to the ass, andheld my jaw open. My face was buried in this guy's cheeks.I could feel the pledge's ass quiver and twitch as I was rimming him, andit continued to do so as my face was held in his crack. As soon as I felthis ass ring open, I knew what was about to happen, and I Topless Lolita freaked. While Ihad eaten enough ass to qualify me an assivore, I did NOT want to eatshit. Mike knew that. How could he let this happen to me? I pulled andpushed and tried everything I could to get away. If this is what it took toget into this frat, I didn't know if I could do it. The strong arms of mywould-be brothers held me firm. I began to yell."Hold him!," Kirk said. "Don't let him move a goddamned inch. He doesn'tknow it yet, but he's gonna like it."I continued to struggle and fight as the turd crept out of the pledge'sass, and yet I couldn't move and inch. Slowly, lewdly, my mouth filled up,and I struggled harder than ever in my life, still screaming. One of theguys holding my head said, "Shit, man! He's really struggling. I think he'sgonna hurt himself."I felt a familiar hand reach out and touch the back of my neck. It wasMike. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Trust me. You're gonna likethis." And suddenly, I could do it. I could and would survive this becauseMike was there, and he told me to trust him. He squeezed the back of myneck one more time, and I relaxed, accepting my fate.The thing in my mouth was now half-way to my throat. Oddly, it had almostno taste at all. I expected shit to taste horrible. Kirk said, "Bite it." Iwanted to struggle again, but Mike had told me to trust him, and I would. Ibit down into the turd."Now chew it and swallow it," Kirk said. Disgusted, I did as he commanded.The first bite into the "gift" from my pledge's ass, I gagged. It wasn'tfoul like I expected. In fact, it tasted an awful lot like..."It's a banana!," I shouted as much as I could with half a banana in mymouth. "It's a fucking banana." And the whole frat burst out laughing.They laughed and laughed as I ate the peeled banana which Carlos had shovedup his ass. I couldn't believe it. I was completely convinced I was eatingshit, and I was about to do it to join this frat, because Mike told meto. I chewed my banana as these frat boys roared with laughter. Theylaughed for over three minutes, laughing so hard that some of them hadtears streaming down their faces. I grinned, but was less amused than mytormentors.Mike came over and tussled my hair, saying, "Told you it would be okay." Ismiled up to where I imagined him to be. "That's what got me through it," Isaid. "Thinking of you." He reached down and kissed me once, fleetinglyon the lips, and squeezed my shoulder. Kirk came over, still chuckling tohimself. "Gets `em every time," he said."Ready for the main course?," Kirk asked. I nodded my head, yes. "Becauseyou're not a brother yet, you don't get to Topless Lolita eat at the table with the realmen. You get to eat in a place suited to your rightful place in life: thefloor. We all know you're a bitch, but it's time to start acting like one,Fido. Get the leash."The last part was directed to one of the brothers standing around. Theybrought a collar which they put around my neck, and a leash. They untied meand took off the blindfold."Get on your knees like the bitch that you are," Kirk said, and I obeyed."Paws, too, you bad dog." When I didn't move quickly enough, he smacked myass. He started walking quickly, and I tried to keep pace on all fours, butcouldn't keep up with my knees banging on the hard floor. He tugged hard onthe leash, causing the brothers to howl with laughter again. "Heel!," Kirksaid.He paraded me around the kitchen, stopping first at Tom. "Be polite, mutt,"Kirk said to me. I looked up at him, confused. "How do dogs greet theirmaster?" I stuck out my tongue and started panting, putting my "paws" upand trying to look like an excited dog whose owner has come home. Kirksmacked the back of my head, stunning me. "No, you dumb bitch." He pushedhis hand on the back of my head and forced my nose into Tom's crotch. "Adog sniff's his master's crotch."I smelled Tom's crotch, and I suddenly envied every dog who had eversmelled Tom's crotch. It smelled entirely masculine -- a mixture of Topless Lolita sweatand piss and cum and funk. I sniffed his cock, then his balls, and thendown towards his ass. Tom put his hand on the back of my head and said,"Good boy," as he Topless Lolita scratched me behind the ears. A jolt of pride ran up myspine as he said that. "Good boy," he said again, and I thought I couldnuzzle here forever.Reality came snapping back with a tug on the leash. I was lead around andtold to smell every active's crotch, which I did with great enjoyment. Someguys had really musty crotches, others really fresh like soap. I wanted toeat all of them until they were shiny with my spit.When we got to the other pledges, Kirk yelled out, "Assume the position!"and all the pledges got on their hands and knees. He led me to Mike first."How does one dog greet another dog?," Kirk asked me. I thought about itfor a second, and then I knew the answer. I crawled on all fours so I wasside-by-side with Mike, and I twisted my neck so I could smell his ass. Ifelt his face come close to my crack, and then he inhaled at the same timeI did. His ass smelled heavenly, as always, like Tom's crotch, except withsomething extra added, something Topless Lolita earthier, something I wanted to bury myface in for about six days. Kirk came around and shoved my face in Mike'scrack even harder, causing my nose to go directly into his asshole. Mikejumped, and I smelled even deeper into this man, the man who had brought mehere. I inhaled deeply.The leash tugged and I had to leave Mike's ass. I was led to each pledge,and I sniffed and nose-fucked each of their asses. It was interesting tosee how each guy sniffed my ass. Some of them took Topless Lolita one quick whiff, clearlynot enjoying the experience. Carlos and Zak, however, stuck their noses sofar up my ass that I thought they were smelling my stomach. I don't knowwhich I enjoyed more: sniffing each ass, or getting my ass sniffed. For atleast the second time tonight, I envied dogs. I had a brief, absurd thoughtof what our lives would be like if people smelled each other's asses whenthey first met. The thought made me chuckle, which earned me a swift tug onthe leash.My knees were beginning to ache from the walking we were doing. After allof the pledges, Kirk led me over to a Topless Lolita corner of the kitchen, and I saw adog bowl. The bowl had dog food in it -- the chunky kind with gravy allover it and that peculiar smell."Fido's been a good dog," Kirk said, scratching my head and behind theears. "Fido gets to eat now." He pushed my face into the bowl, and I hadmy first taste of dog food. The brothers standing around watching startedlaughing again. It was actual dog food. I had thought that maybe it wasbeef stew. The first taste was stronger than people food, and I knewinstantly that this was the real deal. I choked down as much as I could,and then forced myself to finish it off."The dog is hungry," Kirk said as I licked the bowl clean. I knew theyweren't going to let me get away without finishing the bowl. "Now here'ssomething to wash down all that nasty dog food."Kirk set down a water bowl filled with beer. After the peanut butter andcrackers and ass banana and dog food, I really was thirsty. I stuck myentire mouth in the bowl and began to gulp down the beer. Except this beertasted... different, more acrid. After three gulps, I realized what I wasdrinking, and involuntarily spat out the contents of my mouth."This isn't beer!," I said. "It's piss." The brothers howled with laughteragain. They had been watching closely to gauge my reaction, and now theywere doubled over laughing at me.Kirk came over. "It is beer!," he said. "Just consider it recycled beer.It's beer that's Tom has used once, and now you get to drink it again."I gave my best puppy dog eyes to Mike, who was laughing with all theothers. He looked at me and shrugged his shoulders -- "You're on your ownhere, buddy" his look said. I went back to the bowl and lapped up thepiss. The bitter taste was horrible. The aftertaste was worse. The onlything which kept me going was knowing that this beer had passed throughTom, that god of a man, and knowing that this was part of being accepted bythese men. For the second time in one night, I was drinking his piss.After the last of the piss was gone, Kirk brought out another bowl, andsaid, "Time for dessert." He set the bowl down, and it was actually a pietin with a cream pie.I started slowly, licking the top of the pie. This lasted all of about 10seconds, when Kirk walked up and pushed his foot on the back of my head,sending my face down into the pie and getting pie on my face, in my hair,and even in my ears. The guys again burst out laughing, watching me get myface shoved in this pie. He kept his foot on the back of my head, and I atemouthfuls of crust and filling and cream -- whatever my mouthencountered. Someone else came forward and began taking handfuls of creamand smearing it on my back and sides. He even put it in my armpits, and ina moment of inspiration, he took a great heaping handful and smeared itonto my asscrack. The guys loved this, and cheered him on andlaughed. Later I found out it had been Zak.When half the pie was gone, my stomach was absolutely full. I slowed downin my eating, and with half the pie still left, I Topless Lolita didn't think I could eatanother bite. "Come on, faggot!," one active jeered. "You liked eating ourcream so much earlier. Now finish that fucking pie." I forced my mouth toopen and close, not even tasting the pie any more. I felt like a runner ina marathon, forcing his legs to take just one Topless Lolita more step. With each bite, mystomach distended more and more, and I wondered for the first time tonightif they would actually make me vomit. Another bite. Then another. Still aquarter of the pie remaining. Forcing my mouth open, again andagain. Finally, my face hit the pie tin, and I had never felt more full inall my life.I brought my cream covered face up and lapped up everything on my facewithin reach of my tongue. My body felt sticky from where Zak had smearedme, and my stomach was bloated. Kirk uncollared me."You're a fucking mess," Kirk said, chuckling. "But you have done verywell." He smiled, and it felt great to have this guy who had tormented meso much break a smile. "You have come far tonight, but you have moreordeals to endure. Go now, and get some sleep. We will continue tomorrownight. Rest as much as you can now. You will need it."As the realization of what he had just said struck me, I saw through acrack in the door that the sun was rising. We had been up all night. And atthat moment, the fatigue of this hazing hit my body like a body slam. I layon my side on the ground, and promptly fell asleep. The pledges carried meto a bed and let me sleep for hours, a deep, dreamless sleep. When I wokeup, Mike was at my side, and the first thought that went through my headwas, There are still five pledges to go!Cumming next: Part 14 -- Initiation, Part 3* * * * *Administrative Stuff:* Folks! Sorry it's taken me so long to post again, and I probably won't beable to post again for 2-3 MONTHS. I have to train someone else on my job,and move to a different city in the next month. I will continue to write,but it's gonna be a while. Thanks to all the great fans out there who keepwriting and supporting me (you know who you are :)* A special thank you to who provided me with a lot of"technical" information about hazing. He's far more of an expert about itthan I am :)* If you're curious what I look like, you can view a face picture at . Just click on the picture and thedistortion will go away.* Recommendations: If you liked this story, you might also like on the Niftyarchive:Dominated by Doug (authoritarian)Cup of Joe (authoritarian)Jock Sex Slave (high school or authoritarian)Special Dorm Delivery (college)Ryan's Hole (celebrity section)Buttsex Junkie (bi section, but all gay sex)Fraternity Memoirs (college - a real life story of frat hazing)Rim ShotsNew to this list (and sorry -- you might have to hunt a little for them) :40 days and 39 nights (celebrity -- Josh Harnett!)Brains Over Brawn (authoritarian or high school)Locker Jock (high school section)Dental RimDoctor RimRim Service (and any other story with "Rim" in the title written byTomGTongue)(various sections)Little Brothers Sex Slave (incest)Slick Finger ScamTeam RewardAny of the "Rob's Life" stories (authoritarian)Gang Banging Mario Lopez (celebrity)Cocksucker series (authoritarian)Gentlemens Wager (encounters)These stories have truly inspired me and caused me to shoot enough cum tofill a bathtub. Thanks to all of the folks who wrote those stories. Feelfree to email me with other stories you think I might like. I don't alwaysget to read everything that's posted out there.* Thanks, as Topless Lolita always, for all the GREAT fan mail. It's great encouragement.If I don't respond to an email for a while, it's because I'm working on thenext part, so please be patient.* About me: I'm 29, love rimming, and like to get dominated by guys18-35. I currently live in LA, and I will be moving to SF in August. Ifyou're interested in hooking up, email me with a picture and we'll see whatwe can do.
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